About the Center

Transportation, the movement of goods and people over land, water, and air, touches human life everywhere over the world.  Today, ninety five percent of transportation is powered by petroleum fuels.  It accounts for 27% of total world energy consumption and 1/3 of total anthropogenic carbon emission.  Yet transportation is very inefficient; 80% of the energy in the fuel is wasted. 

The Center for Energy Efficient Transportation is driven by the vision that a combination of the latest developments in various disciplines of science and technology, creative minds, and commitments to bring improvements to humanity, will generate innovative solutions to revolutionize transportation technology to significantly improve energy efficiency, without sacrificing safety, and with minimal impact on personal convenience or freedom of choice.

In the Center for Energy Efficient Transportation, a group of faculty affiliates works cooperatively with a network of partners, both on and off campus, to develop the science base and technology to achieve sustainable energy efficient transportation systems, thereby improving the quality of life.

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