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Biofuels from crops, is it viable?

What are the potential and challenges for large-scale introduction of bioethanol for transportation?  This has been a topic that has generated much discussion lately in both the scientific literature and public media.  Questions as to whether there is enough land for significant fuel crop production, effect on water supply, effect on food prices and global food supply, to extent of carbon emission to the atmosphere due to land conversion have been raised and discussed.  In the Energy Symposium organized by Professor Tobin Marks held at Northwestern on May 3, Professor Steve Long, Deputy Director of Energy Bioscience Institute at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, offered his view in his lecture: “Plentiful Biofuels from Crops with Benefit to the Environment and Without Conflict to Food Supply is within our Grasp.”  Here are the slides from his presentation.